Here’s some pertinent facets of the screen business that should have you running for the hills when you encounter them:


Cannot produce LICENSE and PROOF OF INSURANCE. Insurance companies will not issue insurance without proof of a current license. So, always ask to see “Proof of Insurance.”


Here’s why – When your contractor carries insurance, you have recourse. In the event the contractor(s) is injured on your property or causes property damage, and they do not carry insurance, you can be held responsible.


Carrying Insurance also demonstrates at least some level of individual or corporate responsibility which often carries over to a more diligent work effort. Of course, Florida requires workman’s compensation, or an exemption certificate.  


Important stuff to consider!


Does not screen INDIVIDUAL PANELS. Code requires that all panels be screened individually. Take a look – many enclosures are “sheet rolled”. This means that only the main beams are splined lengthwise, leaving all intervening panels left without being splined into each panel’s cross beams (called “perlins”).  


What does this mean? Simple. In a strong breeze, the entire unsplined, multi-panel will lift and fall, like a huge sail. Resulting in excessive wear, shortened lifespan, and when rips or tears do occur, the entire run must be rescreened since older screen often cannot be re-splined (it rips easily). Some outfits will actually re-screen this original “sheet run” against code all over again. Central Florida is rife with enclosures that have been screened against code. They save time and money for the installer, but, you pay for an incomplete job with a shortened screen lifespan. And that means, over time, that your actual cost rises. Take a look, you’ll be surprised.


Does not screw or re-screw ROOF MAIN BEAMS when appropriate.  Enclosure main beams (the long ones that span the entire width) are usually 2 separate beams that are mated together with screws at 2 foot intervals. Take a look up. Now, here’s the important part. The main beams are supposed to be screwed together from the bottom AND THE TOP. Sometimes, when they are built, crews neglect to go back up and screw the tops, and that means the main beams can part ways up top = a weaker cage. Not a good thing! Further, unscrewed main beams often pull apart up top. This means loose panels develop, and again, your enclosure looses integrity = shortened lifespan.


It also means that safety becomes an issue when the screener goes up top. Many screeners take that chance and this affects their safety, your liability, and the integrity of your enclosure.  


Gator Screen, Inc. will ALWAYS re-screw roofs when required. When we complete a job, the cage is sound.


Further to above, make sure your screener checks and replaces all loose screws, especially Wind Braces, Cable mounts, and where the cage interfaces with the house.


The SPLINE that holds the screen starts to fall out. Without a doubt, the installer is inexperienced at best. Flat spline is two sided; a rounded side and a flat side. If it is installed backwards, it will fall out with the subsequent result that your screened panels may have to be replaced; and that means shortened lifespan, and higher cost.


Has a long winded, complicated Warranty (if any), that contains exclusionary clauses. Read the WARRANTY - Before you commit. You will be surprised at the disclaimers that render many warranties cumbersome and restrictive.  


Gator Screen warranty is a simple 2 sentence guarantee. We were one of the first companies to extend to 3 years on workmanship. Easy to read and simple to understand:


Gator Screen fully warranties our workmanship for three years under normal weather and use conditions against screen “sag or panel separation – other Material Manufacturer warranties may apply.


In the event of a sag or separation, we will inspect, and replace or repair the screen in the affected area to “Newly Rescreened Condition” at NO charge to the customer for labor or material.


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