Most pool and patio screens are woven from fiberglass yarn which has been coated with a protective vinyl to ensure lasting beauty, color , strength and flexibility.


Life expectancy varies with its exposure to the sun (and other wear factors) and generally should provide 8 – 12 years of practical use.


  • Phifer screen – 18 x 14 Mesh. The standard of the pool, patio and porch re-screen industry. This manufacturer represents the overwhelming choice of the majority of the new pool enclosure and re-screening industry.

  • Super screen – 16 x 14 Mesh. An extruded product that is an excellent choice for golf course located enclosures, or in situations with small pets. It tests approximately 3 times stronger than standard screen and carries a 10 year manufacturer's product warranty.

  • Insect screen – 20 x 20 Mesh – stronger than standard window and door screen. Ideal for marsh and lake located locations.

  • Pet screen – a vinyl coated polyester material that forms a very heavy duty screen (Approximately 7 times stronger than standard screen) that retards most pet claw and impact intrusions.

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As an inexpensive upgrade to the structural integrity of an enclosure, cables should be replaced or retrofitted in any pool enclosure. Code requires them in all new pool enclosures.


Wind Braces

Wind braces are the diagonal aluminum braces that connect the corner panels with their adjoining panels towards the house. In combination with exterior cables, wind braces enhance enclosures stability in strong winds and other structural challenges.


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