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Make swim time a safe time

Cables are inexpensive additions to your enclosures and help keep your screen in place better, making swim time a safer time for the entire family.


service when you need us

Give us a call around the clock when you need immediate repairs to your screens.

Keep the structural integrity of your enclosure intact

If your cables break, they need to be replaced or repair immediately and Gator Screen, Inc. is up for the job. Your cables provide most of the structural integrity of your enclosure, so you don't want to wait to make repairs.

Protection from the storm

Cables can become damaged or loose during storms and should always be tightened on a regular basis as a precaution. Let us inspect your enclosure today to make sure everything is secure in case Mother Nature rears her ugly head.

Stay up to Florida code and keep your pool area safe by upgrading your enclosure with sturdy cables.

Compliance with Sunshine State codes

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