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Make sure panels are screened individually

Code requires that all panels be screened individually rather than sheet-rolled. When individual panels are splined together, this prolongs the lifespan of your screen, saving you money in the long run.


licensed and insured for your protection

Always ask for our proof of insurance right away and we'll show it to you.

Don't get screwed with poor workmanship

Make sure all main beams are screwed to your roof on the bottom, as well as the top. Many crews neglect to do this and it can be dangerous. When you have an unscrewed main beam, it can pull from the top and destroy your entire enclosure. Count on Gator Screen, Inc. to re-screw roof beams if necessary.

Our work is GUARANTEED

Always read over any warranty carefully. Thankfully, ours is simple to read and GUARANTEES 3 years for workmanship under normal weather conditions. If your screen experiences a sag or separation, we will inspect and repair it to new-screen condition at no charge. All materials are also under manufacturer warranties.

The more you know about how to handle enclosures and screens, the safer your property will be.

Important things for you to know

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